Social Casinos to Real Cash – What to Expect

The recent up rise in Social Casino games has, as was to be expected, sparked an interest amongst Casino Game Developers.  The spark that lit the fire was the realisation that players who engaged in Social Casino games were generally more likely to spend increasingly more time playing online for real money.

The effect is naturally an entirely new target market, with the main emphasis on cross-over play.

A Steady Climb

Social Casino revenue saw a steady increase between the years 2012 and 2015, climbing by a staggering 1 Billion US Dollars in the US alone.  The secret to its success is two-fold.

Firstly, Social Casino games are unregulated, unlike the numerous restrictions placed on paid games, whether land-based or online slots, and secondly, Social Casino games combine the lure of social interaction and entertainment, almost no risk for the players, as no real money is waged.

It is then no surprise that the ideal scenario would be to marry the two concepts, and in so doing, creating a large target market enjoying the best of both worlds.



Social Casinos To Real Cash – What To Expect: Driven By Change

To many people, gambling for real cash is an alien idea.  This may be due to a negative stigma associated with gambling in general, or even a lack of information.

Social Casino games are shifting the parameters on this negative mindset still held by many.  For many, their first contact with gambling in any shape or form, is playing a Social Casino game.

Soon, the intimidation fades as the unknown becomes known, and players previously unfamiliar with playing for real money at leading online blackjack tables, find themselves having a go at online slots.  It seems to be the simple principle of avoiding that which we know nothing about.

The Conversion From Unpaid To Paid

It is crucial, when making a comparison of any kind, to compare like with like.  Comparing player numbers of Social Casinos with player numbers partaking in paid games is only part of the parcel.

Players playing for real money have made a decision to play based on a calculated risk concerning the money that they are willing to lose, and hoping to win.   Social Casino games are not necessarily played by players willing to wager any form of risk.

It is therefore safe to assume that player numbers will in all probability not double, were the two styles of playing to marry.   The possibility of a steady increase is however a very reasonable expectation.

The Value Of Entertainment

Whilst important key factors include the taking of calculated risks as well as disposable income available to players, the role of pure and unadulterated entertainment should by no means be left out of the equation.

This is after all, the very lure of social media, and Social Casinos in general.  A balance must be sought between creating a truly recreational gaming experience, with the added bonus of being able to win real cash.

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